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Undergraduate trainees should apply through Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS).

Postgraduate trainees apply through the Graduate Teacher Training Registry (GTTR)

For postgraduate courses applicants must have a degree or equivalent qualification. Individual providers may differ in the grades they ask for so check with them. You will also need appropriate GCSEs and evidence of work or other experience such as voluntary work with young people.

You may be eligible for an equivalence test if you do not possess the appropriate qualifications or equivalent competencies.

Ensure you have:
the minimum qualifications
checked with your ITTP (Initial Teacher Training Provider) what their requirements are
relevant experience

Choosing an Initial Teacher Training Provider (ITTP)

Check the entry profile of the ITTP. These profiles are compiled by the staff who teach the course, who understand the kind of detail you need to know about their courses, and what kind of personal qualities, interests and experiences will be helpful for you to have, in order to be a successful student on the course, and a successful teacher in your chosen subject.

How do I find Entry Profiles on the web?
Entry Profiles can be found on GTTR Course Search.

When you click on the course title you will see headings, and by clicking on any one of them, you will find more information. The first heading is 'Why train with us', which will give you information about the training provider. These differ greatly, depending on the training provider. You will also see headings about the course, entry requirements, selection procedures and the training provider.

Key dates for undergraduate courses are:
Early September: application processing begins.

15 January:
closing date for applications.

Late February:
applicants can refer themselves through 'extra' - this is for applicants who have received decisions from their five choices and have had no offers or have declined them.

'clearing' begins - unplaced applicants can apply directly to universities or colleges that still have places.

Late September is the last date for clearing applications. The earlier you apply, the more likely it is that your application will be considered by all the providers on your form.

Key dates for applying: Postgraduate courses
Early September: application processing begins – early application is recommended

1 December: initial closing date for primary applications. If GTTR receives your application for primary teaching courses by this date, your first choice training provider guarantees to give you full consideration. 1 December is also a target date for submitting applications for highly competitive middle years and secondary subjects.

Mid-March: unplaced applicants can apply through 'extra' to other providers that still have places, using the track service. This service allows you to keep up to date wit your application. Vacancy information is available on GTTR's course search.

1 July: 'clearing' begins – unplaced applicants who are not already using 'extra' can apply directly to training providers that still have places.
Late September: last date for 'clearing' applications.

Selection and Interview
The selection of candidates for interveiw is done by subject coordinator/tutor in liaison with colleagues in school and the ITT provider.

They will consider how well the form is filled in and the reference. Your application form is your first opportunity to impress them and should demonstrate:
High level of competence in written standard English
Personal qualities demonstrated in the Personal Statement
Logical and convincing reasons for wanting to teach
Academic background
Evidence of work or other experience with young people

If you are selected for interview your interview letter will outline areas for discussion.

General briefing from the Admissions Officers
CRB process started
Submission of health questionnaire
Group discussions
Individual interviews
Written tasks and/or literacy/numeracy tests

The kind of personal qualities they are looking for are:
ability to work in teams
robust balanced outlook
potential to relate well to pupils and staff

The kind of professional qualities they are looking for are:
Effective communication in spoken and written Standard English
Commitment to the chosen profession, age range and subject
Realistic awareness of the challenges of teaching
Intellectual competence and an understanding of the application of academic achievement to learning and teaching in schools
Subject and ICT knowledge
Potential for effective management of school pupils
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