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About us
The Positive Action Training Hub (PATH) into teaching is a consortium of Initial Teacher Training (ITT) providers in the South West region, working together with the TDA and local authorities in the region to address underrepresentation in the teaching profession.

PATH into Teaching focuses on improving the rate of recruitment and the retention of students from minority ethnic groups into Initial Teacher Training.

PATH is designed to provide information relating to the Initial Teacher Training provision available in universities, and other ITT providers in the South West region, and to Local Authorities and relevant stakeholders.

Quotes from Teachers:
    'My role enables me to dispel the negative stereotypes that some African-Caribbean people have of the British education system.
    For many parents, some of whom may have had negative experiences whilst they were pupils, I provide an access point to the
    school system, reassurance, approachability, and a familiar face. As a BME teacher I am proud to be a role-model for teaching is
    a viable career choice for people from any ethnic background. I strongly believe that the teaching body should reflect the diversity
    of Britain today.'

    'Teaching is a very special profession. Every day is different, and you really do have the ability to change the lives of young
    people. The most rewarding aspect of my job is helping young people reach their full potential. They are dynamic, interesting,
    and at secondary level, just beginning their journey into adulthood. The knowledge that you can help them on this journey is
    very fulfilling. Whilst my role can be demanding, now that I have been in education for eight years I am in a position where I
    can effect real change in my school.

  PATH into Teaching South West, University of the West of the England, Coldharbour Lane, BS16 1QY, UK.